Lip Tattoo- Post- Care Tips that You Should Know

With the ever-increasing hectic lifestyles, many women lack enough time to apply the perfect make. Luckily, there are now permanent cosmetic treatments to solve the issue. Lip blushing is a a perfect example. It’s a cosmetic treatment that flatters your looks by reshaping your lips for a fuller and more refined appearance.

How does a lip blush tattoo work?

Lip blush tattoo is a safe non-invasive procedure. It’s semi-permanent and uses color effects to create fuller, plump, and natural-looking lips. During the procedure, the professional deposits color pigments into your lips to build layers of color.

The process is short and takes at most two hours, which depends on your preferred look. It leaves your lips swollen and will heal within a week. Lip blush is similar to any other tattoo, hence the need to ice the area and exercise caution during your daily schedule.

How can I care for my lips post a lip blush procedure?

After investing in your lovely lips, the next thing you want is to maintain them in excellent condition. How you care for your lips post the procedure determines how long the color stays. And this makes after-care a vital aspect of lip blushing.

What do you expect immediately after the procedure? You’ll experience tenderness, dryness, tingling, swelling, flaking, and itchiness. It happens once your lips begin to heal, and the discomforts may last a few days. Here’s what to do:

  1. Apply an ice pack

Forty-eight hours after the procedure, apply an ice pack at intervals to prevent bruising and swelling. Do this often, preferably hourly, and cover the lips with a barrier to prevent the lips from coming into contact with water.

Moreover, use a paper towel to cover the ice pack. But don’t let it come into contact with your lips. Water can interfere with the healing process, or worse still, cause an infection. Brush without water and wash your face gently for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

  1. Apply ointment

An after-care ointment helps in keeping your lips moist. Apply as prescribed, and do this often. Don’t leave out the lips to dry out, for this can slow down the healing process. Use anew cotton swab for every single application and maintain high levels of cleanliness. Dab it onto the skin and avoid rubbing.

  1. Avoid scratching &Kissing

It’s normal to itch during the recovery process. Don’t scratch the area around your lips; this can lead to scarring and infections. It can also affect the color result, forcing you to go for a touch-up. Kissing will also rub on your lips and cause fiction, avoid it during the healing process.

  1. Use a drinking straw

Use drinking straws until your lips recover fully. Avoid very hot beverages and soups; these can cause discomfort and affect the healing process. Avoid water by all means, and don’t submerge your face while bathing.

Take away

How you care for your lips after a lip blushing procedure determines the results. I believe you don’t want disappointing results, so avoid water and anything else that can derail the healing process.

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