Reasons why homeopathy is effective for vitiligo treatment

A skin disorder of any kind is extremely disheartening. Although, not life-threatening by any means, any type of skin discolouration that goes beyond the realms of normalcy, takes a heavy toll on your self-esteem. Vitiligo is one such condition wherein you develop white spots on your body. It is a disease wherein the colour pigment cells in certain areas of the skin are either killed off or made useless by an overly enthusiastic immune system, thereby causing loss of colour. Let us jump right into the available treatment options.

Conventional treatment

The most commonly used technique to deal with skin whitening disease is the camouflage technique in the form of cosmetics. Makeup, skin dyes, skin tanners among others offer a great way to make vitiligo less noticeable. It is a safe approach and is mainly used for children. The downside of this is that it is time-consuming and needs practice to get it right. Another very common option is the application of vitiligo cream. Although very effective, it could present some side effects. These include acne, unusual hair growth, dryness, itching, irritation, burning sensation and many others. Phototherapy is also a viable option to restore skin colour. Potential side effects might include sunlight-induced rash, inflammation of hair roots, and redness among others. It is always good to own as many options as one could have. You need something that is not only uber-effective but also possesses minimal side effects. Enter Homeopathy!!!

Vitiligo treatment in homeopathy

More often than not, patients of vitiligo have second thoughts on homeopathy. They always wonder, “Can vitiligo be gone for good with homeopathy treatment?” No disease can be conclusively claimed to be cured with a particular method. But if we were to tackle a skin condition like this, we need to have a good handle on the terms “treating” and “curing.” Well, according to the experts, vitiligo treatment in homeopathy does quite well in most cases.

No matter what your approach is, it is important to understand the scope of the method and aim at controlling the auto-fighting process. Homeopathy does just that. Especially in the early stages of vitiligo, when it is not widespread yet, homeopathy has shown tremendous success.

Homeopathic perspective says we look into the constitution of a person and then provide remedies based on that, as opposed to normal white spot treatment. What that means is everything about the patient is checked thoroughly, from their personality to life history. Stuff related to trauma and stress, what they might have gone through over the years, what their habitual tendencies are and much more are examined over the course of homeopathic treatment. It deals with conditions like these by going for the underlying root cause and not just by getting rid of the physical symptoms. Numerous patients all over the globe have testified in favour of homeopathy. For many, it started off as their last resort but ended up being their saviour.

Bottom line

Vitiligo is definitely treatable. Consult a homeopathic doctor at the first visible sign; it just requires a little bit of patience on your part. Over time you will come to realise that homeopathic medicine for vitiligo is the best option available.

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