Get to Know About Hybrid Strains and Its Effects

Cannabis is slowly getting legalized not just for medical purposes, but also for recreational use. Therefore, it is normal for people who were hesitant in the past about marijuana’s association with substance are starting to perceive it as a new hobby or for health treatment.

Stepping into cannabis world is intimidating. Cannabis plants falls under three categories – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. In this post, let’s understand what is hybrid weed?

Cannabis can be regarded as a spectrum with Indica and Sativa on both ends and hybrid all across the middle. Hybrid strains are either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant or balanced [50% of both]. So, to understand hybrid strains let’s get to know Sativa and Indica strains.

Indica plants are short and effects are associated with physical relaxation, sleepiness, and an increase in appetite. Its effects are popular as ‘body high’, so it is a good strain type for night-time. Alternatively, Sativa grows thin and tall. It doesn’t induce the high but is associated with euphoria, alertness, and creativity. It is a great day-time strain type.

Hybrid strain effects

Hybrid strains deliver effects of both Sativa and Indicas in a balanced way. Some users feel overstimulated using pure Sativa strain, while pure indica can make them get locked to the couch. Therefore, a hybrid can be a good solution for them. Beginners to the cannabis world can also start with a hybrid strain until they are certain what kind of strain suits them.

Why must you care about the strains being Sativa, Indica, or hybrid?

When you drink alcohol, there is a single psychological endpoint that is ‘being drunk’. Different cannabis types of end results are very different. Getting to know the kind of effect you need to feel, it is necessary to know the cannabis type you consume.

All hybrids differ! Some are Sativa-dominant, a few Indica-dominant, and remaining more balanced hybrid weeds. Indica-dominant means strains will reveal a sedating effect, while Sativa-dominant weeds offer sufficient body high and uplifting effect. A 50:50 balanced hybrid means a balance of Sativa and Indica effects.

The active ingredient in alcohol is ethanol, whereas in cannabis it is the ‘cannabinoids’ and ‘terpenes’. Every breed has different ratios of these active ingredients, which function to cause the diverse effects of cannabis.

Common hybrid strains and its medical effects

  • Blue Dream is a daytime strain that helps to control anxiety.
  • Cookies are Indica-dominant and help body pain management
  • Super Lemon haze is Sativa-dominant and helps in improving mood and reduces depression.

Every hybrid strain is a little different and results in slightly dissimilar effects depending on the user’s chemistry.

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