Chronic Skin Problems You Should Watch Out For

When it comes to taking care of your skin, it’s not only about cosmetic value. The condition of your skin is often a significant indicator of your health and nutrition. Many conditions that affect the biggest muscle in the body can become chronic issues that take major tolls on the quality of one’s life. To identify and treat these issues properly, you should catch them at their onset and make sure that they are not taken lightly just because they do not present as a life-threatening issue right away.

  • Eczema

This condition is also known as atopic dermatitis. Paid clinical trials in Miami are being held because it has no known cure and it is a chronic condition. Of course, there are treatments available to alleviate its symptoms and help people feeling conscious about its appearance. Aside from these existent treatments, though, studies are still being conducted to see how best to truly eradicated eczema.

Although a person can be more prone to developing this due to a genetic predisposition, it can occur at any age. Though many cases start in childhood and adolescence, there are plenty of situations where the individual only starts exhibiting it in their adulthood, exacerbated by lifestyle habits that eventually cause poor sleep, a lack of moisture in the skin, and infection.

  • Psoriasis

This skin condition permeates cosmetic issues and causes major discomfort in a person’s life, especially when comorbidities also appear. These are more prevalent in adult years. It affects over 8 million people in the United States alone. It is often not diagnosed correctly in its early stages because its visual attributes share a lot of similarities with other skin conditions that are less severe and can even be temporary.

It may also be wise to look at hereditary factors, especially with direct family members like parents, as the data shows that around 30% of those with psoriasis also have a relative with the same condition. It can affect various parts of the body and even has rarer variations, like pustular psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

  • Dermatophyte infections

These are fungal infections, sometimes called tinea, that affect the skin, nails, or hair of the individual, and they have had an impact on around 1.9 billion people across the globe. Dermatophytes thrive on keratin, which is why they mostly appear in these parts of the body. Part of the biggest challenges with them is also misdiagnosis, resulting in many medical visits that end with prescriptions or treatments that don’t do the trick.

Some of the most common iterations of these that you may likely be aware of are athlete’s foot and ringworm. A lot of topical medications are available to use, but it could benefit a person to be more mindful about identifying whether an infection is severe or not.

By staying informed about these conditions, you can be more well-prepare. You can not only tackle them adequately but also prevent yourself and those you care about from developing them and having to experience discomfort in life.

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