What is Collagen and Why Is It Good for the Skin?

You might have heard a lot about collagen supplements online lately. But do you really know what you’re buying? There seems to be an assumption that collagen is good for the skin, but perhaps you want more information on the benefits of collagen and what it actually is before investing in natural collagen supplements. If so, this article is here to help you. Read on to find out what collagen is and why it is good for your skin, as well as some other advantages.

Collagen is a Protein Produced by Your Body

Collagen is a natural protein in the body that acts as the structural underpinnings of bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons and ligaments. When you’re young, you’ll have more collagen than when you’re older, as the amount produced by the body declines with age. Collagen is good for the skin because it is naturally produced by the body and the skin is comprised of it, which is what creates a youthful and plump appearance for the skin. As you get older, fine lines and wrinkles may appear as your body creates less collagen, and that’s where natural collagen supplements come in. Other ways of preserving collagen include eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties and also using sunscreen to protect from UV rays, which can break down collagen in the skin.

Advantages of Natural Collagen Supplements

While natural collagen supplements can provide numerous benefits to the appearance of skin, collagen can also help in other ways as well, including:

Joint Pain Relief

As the amount of collagen produced by the body declines, so does the amount of collagen available to your cartilage, which is essential for good joint health. Many people find that taking natural collagen supplements can help remedy joint pain. Not sure where to get collagen at your local stores? Try buying collagen supplements online for a convenient solution.

 Improved Bone Density

Collagen actually makes up a portion of your bones, giving them strength and structure. So when your level of collagen goes down with age, so too can your bone density. This is a big deal because it can lead to osteoporosis or fragile bones. If you have a family history of osteoporosis, it may be worth looking into getting a collagen supplement.

Boosted Muscle Mass

Collagen also makes up a portion of your muscles, giving them shape and form. As you age and lose collagen, you muscle mass can decline, leading to a lack of strength and an inability to function in everyday life. Studies have shown that in people with weakened muscles, natural collagen supplements may help to increase strength. If you want to boost your muscle function, try taking natural collagen supplements.


If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about concerning natural collagen supplements, then you now know they can have beneficial effects for a range of issues. While everyone thinks of the skin when it comes to natural collagen supplements, they can also be advantageous for muscles, joint pain and bone density – all important issues as you age.

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