Treating erectile dysfunction in a professional manner

Erectile dysfunction is an issue which is faced by majority of men but only a few would talk about it. Most men have no idea on how to treat the ailment and who should they seek for advice. In this article, we will talk about the professional approach towards treating erectile dysfunction and getting rid of the causes which might be the real culprit. We will also talk about the medical and professional team from whom you should seek help in this case and who must be the people you should look forward in this regard. Usually, erectile dysfunction is not a stand-alone ailment and it is related to some other disease. In such a situation, consultation of a specialist of that disease is important and, in most cases, he will recommend and refer you to a doctor or professional who will better care for the ED issue.

Talking to the primary health care doctor is the first step:

At first, you should just talk to the primary health care doctor or the general physician. He would ask you to carry on multiple tests to reach a conclusion to know what the actual cause of erectile dysfunction is. He would also discuss your habits and routine to ensure that nothing is wrong in there which could be the culprit. After seeing the lab results and talking to you about your habits and routines, he would refer you to a specialist doctor who willtake care of the ailment which is the real reason of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, the genera physician will suggest you some medicines before making you consult any other doctor. If you do not get a relief from the prescribed medicines, he would most probably ask you to consult another doctor.

Urologist – if no other condition exists:

If there is no other medical condition which is causing the erectile dysfunction, you would most possibly be recommended to see a urologist. He is the doctor who understands the issues of prostate, including excess urination and prostate related issues which could be the cause. In most cases, these doctors would be the first and last resort and you will be cured with their advice but if you have some serious issues, you might be recommended to other doctors who will start treating your underlying conditions like heart disease, diabetes and neurological illnesses.


If there is no specific condition which is causing erectile dysfunction and you are young as well, you would most probably be recommended to a good psychologist who will help you in getting treated for erectile dysfunction. There is a direct relationship between ED and stress. If you are passing through a stress phase, you would not be able to enjoy your sexual relationships in the right way and this is where a psychologist or psychiatrist would help. Taking medicines like Cenforce 150mg would also help and you would be able to enjoy a stiff penis for a longer duration as compared to past.

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