The Secret History Of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The history of Penis Envy mushrooms begins with their discovery in the Amazonian Rain Forest. Legendary psychonauts Terrence and Dennis McKenna were in Columbia searching for new species of psychedelically active plant life. They stumbled upon an enormous growth of fungi and sampled a few with local guides. The mushrooms were subsequently confirmed as containing psilocybin.

Penis Envy Is A Hybrid With Texas Cubensis

Penis Envy is a hybrid between two psilocybe strains. The Texas strain is the original Penis Envy while the Penis Envy #6 strain is a cross between the Texas and Penis Envy. The resulting hybrid has a dark, velvety cap and an ivory stipe. Penis Envy is illegal in many countries.

Rich Gee, who goes by the pseudonym Richard Guitierrez, was the first to grow this mushroom. Although he doesn’t have an online presence, he has published two rare books on magic mushroom cultivation. One was How to Identify and Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms, by Gee and Jules Stevens, and the other was Cubensis Aquarium Gardening, published in 1995. It contained the first photograph of Penis Envy.

It Contains A High Ratio Of Psilocin To Psilocybin

The penis envy mushrooms have been reported to produce a wide range of effects, including physical, perceptual, emotional, spiritual, and religious. The mushroom’s high ratio of psilocin to psilocybin results in a wavy, “dreamlike” visual hallucination that is unlike any other. Penis Envy mushrooms also promote profound philosophical thinking and experiences of connection with nature. It is even reported to cause out-of-body experiences and synesthesia.

The Penis Envy mushroom is known as the most potent variety of Psilocybecubensis. Due to its high ratio of psilocybin to psilocin, the mushrooms produce an intense and psychedelic experience that is comparable to that of drugs such as LSD or DMT.

It Is A Popular Strain For Micro-Dosing

This mushroom has become popular due to its physical attributes. The physical characteristics of penis envy are described below. It was discovered in the early 1970s by Terence McKenna, a noted ethnobotanist and psychedelic advocate. In a search for a new strain of mushroom, McKenna accidentally stumbled upon a massive patch in the Amazon rainforest. He smuggled a handful of the mushrooms back to the US and sandwiched the spore prints between microscopy slides.

Micro-dosing has its benefits. Penis Envy mushrooms are highly potent and can provide a high-quality psychedelic experience. Users should aim to take as little as a quarter to a half teaspoon. Penis Envy mushrooms can be easily purchased online or from a local grower. Micro-dosing mushrooms have a positive effect on mood lift and libido.

It Is Difficult To Cultivate

One of the reasons Penis Envy mushrooms are hard to cultivate is that they do not produce velum, which holds spores until they are mature. This is why cultivators would have to grow a large number of Penis Envy mushrooms to collect enough spores. Fortunately, there are several methods for cultivating Penis Envy mushrooms. Listed below are some of the most effective methods.

First, you must understand that the mushroom has a very difficult morphology. It is short and its lid is exposed all the way. Penis Envy mushrooms are not the same as their legendary cousin, as they are difficult to cultivate. Also, they produce spores in very small numbers. Because of their short and open cap, Penis Envy mushrooms are hard to cultivate in nature. Now that you know anything about this type of magic mushroom, you may place your order by clicking here.

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