What Leads To A Drug Addiction?

Drug abuse is quite widespread and common. One does not require to misuse drugs to develop an addiction to them. Addiction can also begin with prescription drugs and their prolonged use.

However, there is an excellent line between drug abuse and drug addiction. It is necessary to understand where the line should be drawn and build boundaries for loved ones accordingly. In this article, we will examine the factors to know what leads to drug addiction California.

How Can A Person Turn Into a Drug Addict?

There can be multiple reasons that can push a person to turn into a drug addict during their drugs consumption. The factors that decide whether a person can be termed as a drug addict and consequently, decides the impacts the addiction has on the physical health have been given below.

  1. Period of usage
  2. Type of drug
  3. Frequency of drug abuse
  4. Method of consumption
  5. Structural make-up of the person
  6. Genes of the person
  7. The average amount of substance consumed
  8. The Environment of the person

It is not possible to determine when and how a person turns into an addict. However, it can be figured from the sociological aspects of their life. The presence of other mental health disorders can lead to a heavier dependence on drugs. Similarly, gender, genes, and ethnicity of a person also determine the extent of the addiction.

How Do People Start Using Drugs?

The stimulus for each person is different to determine when and how they start abusing drugs. Similarly, the reason to continue using drugs can be other from person to person. Under usual circumstances, people abuse drugs to cope with inner pain or a mental illness.

Drugs tend to offer temporary relief from the problems a person might be suffering from. Some of the psychological causes could be:

  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Poverty
  • Stress
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Low self-esteem
  • Medical conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental health issues

A person can be more susceptible to drug addiction if there is a higher risk to a person’s living conditions. Thus, there must be enough care and support for people exposed to the perils of drug abuse.

Immediate Factors Leading to Drug Addiction

Apart from drug abuse, there are quite a few factors that positively influence the escalation to addiction. Combining these factors and the risks involved in drug use leads to a complete loss of control.

In a large number of cases, people dealing with deep-seated psychological issues associated with their genes tend to get addicted to drugs quickly. Furthermore, their ethnic groups and peer circles may also influence drug use and their frequency.

Often, people who grow up in extreme environments tend to experience problems in their developmental stage. There may also be trauma involved that increases one’s exposure to drugs and alcohol. Economic status, peer pressure, stress and anxiety, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and loss of a loved one are leading reasons for dependence on drugs.

Can Drug Addiction Be Prevented?

There are telling signs of drug addiction that one may be equipped with to spot the changes in their loved ones’ behavior. Alternatively, there are options for behavioral therapy, recovery programs, and rehabilitation centers for people who classify as drug addicts. Check online for Souern California addiction treatment.

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