What is one proven solution of all back pain issue?

If back pain is stopping you from doing something you want, never let it happen. Back pain issue has become pretty common with our changing lifestyle and hectic schedule.

Mostly back pain occurs in the lower back, which prevents you from carrying daily life responsibilities. It can be acute, subacute but the worst is when it is chronic. Acute and subacute back pain lasts for 4-12 weeks and then goes away with the help of painkillers.

The ones having chronic back pain suffer the most. Today, it is affecting people of all age groups. Even doing simple tasks becomes difficult but performing back pain exercises works.

Some of the common causes of back pain include sitting for a prolonged time in the wrong posture, lifting heavy items in the wrong way, sleeping in the wrong way, and much more.

One of the most proven solutions for all back-pain issues is none other than back pain exercises. You can add back strengthening exercises to your daily life routine. It is strongly recommended by doctors too. This is because exercise reduces tension in muscles that supports the spine. If pain exists for more than 3 months, regular stretching is necessary.

 So, let’s move on to the list of lower back pain exercises that we can perform to cope with the pain.

1) Partial Crunches

Partial Crunch is a classic core strengthening exercise that makes your lower back and the related stomach muscles stronger. People who are suffering from spondylosis must try this exercise. This is a quite helpful exercise for those who are dealing with daily back pain. It’s one of the best exercises for lower back pain. Make sure to do it in a proper way.To do this exercise, follow the given steps

  • Lie on your back with feet flat and knees bent
  • While keeping the stomach muscles tight, raise your shoulders by keeping hands on your head and or arms crossed around the chest.
  • Exhale while raising your shoulder and don’t lead your elbows.
  • Hold for a second and put the lower backside on the floor.
  • Repeat this 8-12 times

2) Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring stretches provide relief from the back portion of the leg where muscles support the lower spine. Using a towel or fitness band along while stretching is a bonus. This is an ideal back strengthening exercise.

  • First of all, lie on your back and keep your knees in a bent position.
  • Lock it around the toes using a towel
  • The drawback on the towel gradually by straightening the knee.
  • Be in the same position and stretch for at least 15-30 seconds
  • For each leg, repeat five times and do three sets.

3) Wall Sits

Doing wall sits while sitting on the couch is a good back strengthening exercisesTo do it in the right way, follow these:

  • Stand straight with the back facing the wall. Maintain 10-12 inches of distance between them.
  • Lean on the wall without bending your spine
  • Now, slide down from the wall gradually until your knees are bent. Keep pressing the back on the wall.
  • While counting to 10, stay in this position and then slide back up from the wall.

These exercises for lower back pain are great for treating spinal pain discomfort and pain. However, if back strengthening exercises are not going to help you then try Moov Strong Gel/Spray. It instantly shows results in the case of acute pains. Diclofenac is an active ingredient found in this topical cream that yields positive outcomes after regular use on the pain point.

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