Ways to make eating enjoyable for kids

Feeding children can be an arduous task for parents or caretakers. As they grow up, they develop different tastes but so do their tantrums. The sight of green vegetables and pulses on their plates does not seem to appease them. Helpless parents then resort to unhygienic junk food, which impacts their health adversely. However, feeding healthy and home-cooked food to children just got way easier with these simple tips.

  • Introduce new foods slowly:

Another key rule here is- not to get exasperated if your child is not getting accustomed to new dishes. Think of it as an adult trying out a new face wash. It might seem catchy externally, but it needs to be tested first if it is safe on the skin. Similarly, give them little bites of new foodstuff or eat it yourself with an expression of appreciation to make mealtime enjoyable for kids.

  • Experiment is the key:

Many people concerned about their children’s eating habits have now started experimenting with dishes. A glass of milk can be turned into a yummy smoothie by incorporating fruits and ice cream on the top. A paratha can be served with a smiley face on the top using ketchup. Even green vegetables can be minced finely and added to cutlets. Remember, we have a solution for everything, you just need to introduce the fun elements through different shapes, ingredients and colours. The whole point is that you can try different healthy recipes for kids and learn which one works for your child.

  • Involve kids in cooking:

Every child, irrespective of his age, loves activities through which they can make or design new things-take painting, for example. To make them feel more involved in what goes into their stomachs, bring them into the kitchen and allow them to add ingredients, mix stuff, or cook if they are old enough. This is sure to make eating enjoyable.



  • Give treats:

Everyone deserves a break, children do too. You can probably set up days once or twice a month to treat them to their favorite food from outside. Moreover, you can also implement and play with kids’ tiffin ideas and surprise them in the form of treats.

  • Closer to the roots:

As a corollary to point 4, you can take kids to a farm if you live or happen to visit one. Tell them about how the crops are grown and let them take fresh vegetables from there. This will surely attract them towards vegetables and fruits.

  • Ditch the finish-your-meal rule

Stop cribbing about kids not finishing everything on their plate. Their appetite is meant to be less and there might be days when they are not that hungry. Understand that adults are like that too. Let them eat as much as they want so they do not avoid their meals.

  • Purchase crafty utensils or cutlery online

Children love toys and fancy objects. Many companies have now introduced cutlery and crockery shaped in the form of animals and superheroes so children enjoy food. You can get them on e-commerce sites or in the market.

Adopt these measures so that your children get proper nutrition.

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