Types Of CBD Products: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, And CBD Isolate

The cannabis plant contains a bunch of chemical compounds, together called cannabinoids. Of all these compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) and THC are the most relevant ones. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive, which means that it wouldn’t cause a high. Buying CBD products can be confusing, because there is a whole range out there, including popular ones like health synergy’s CBD concentrates. If you check for options, you will find three distinct categories – full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. What does each mean? In this post, we are decoding some of the basics for you.

Decoding CBD Isolate

As the name indicates, CBD Isolate is nothing but just CBD. This is the purest form of CBD you can buy, and these products don’t contain other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are found in the cannabis plant. Most of the CBD Isolate comes from hemp, which is the least processed version of the sativa strain and contains very small amount of THC, which is further removed during the extraction process.

Decoding Full Spectrum CBD

The hemp plant contains certain essential oils, flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpenes, which can be found together in the most naturel combination in Full Spectrum CBD products. Many users believe that Full Spectrum CBD is better than isolate, because all the components of the hemp plant produce what’s called the ‘entourage effect’. Even small doses of Full Spectrum CBD products can be enough to get the benefits you seek.

Decoding Broad Spectrum CBD

In simple words, Broad Spectrum CBD can be defined as a mix of the above two. While other compounds from the hemp plant are present in Broad Spectrum CBD, there is no THC whatsoever. With Broad Spectrum CBD, you can expect to get the entourage effect, but without any risk of high that’s usually associated with THC.

What is the best among all three?

To be fair, this is a matter of choice. Some people just prefer Broad Spectrum CBD or Full Spectrum CBD, while others are more comfortable with isolates. If you are just starting out, consider Full Spectrum CBD products as your first choice. If you don’t like the high, you can always go back to the regular isolate or broad-spectrum CBD products.

Always buy your Full Spectrum CBD products from a brand you can trust, and make sure that the product labeling has all the necessary information required to make an informed choice.

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