Know about Common Hair Transplant Mistakes to avoid

Hair transplant generally is a procedure where the hair follicles are harvested and transferred to the other area which has hair loss. so it is one of the biggest myths that it is a very simple procedure. But many things have to be taken care of before going with the procedure. The results and outcomes depend on how the surgeon carries out all steps of the procedure and how he/she performs the procedure. So this reveals mistakes do happen. Here are some mistakes suggested by hair transplant Oakville:-

By not choosing the right candidate for surgery

Not all persons with hair loss are candidates for hair transplant is one of the most important things that have to be kept in mind. An examination of every single candidate should be done before the hair transplant. Then only it can be decided whether to go for the surgery or not. young candidates are always avoided as there is no protection for future hair loss.

Lack of proper planning

Proper planning is a must for achieving results in any field. If it is lacking then it can risk the result. The safe zone should always be defined. Everyone shouldn’t use the follicles which have started the process of miniaturization. This might also cause poor density and result if the donor follicles are harvested from the tulo area in the occipital region. One should always plan the hairline and frontal framing according to age. For e.g giving a low hairline in the patient of fifties, age won’t give pleasing results.

Grafts desiccation

Such things happen when the hair follicles that are extracted would get dried up and gets desiccated. It’s because grafts not preserved in proper solutions and are outside the body for a long time.

Improper storage environment

Not only in terms of the solution but also in terms of the temperature storage conditions for the follicles should be proper. The storage should be done at a low temperature. it’s because this decreases the metabolic rate of the graft and also the survival chances.


This particular point doesn’t actually review that it’s a ‘failure’. The hair transplant surgery is just the first stage of the process. Significant, the post-operative recovery phase starts, which is a procedure extended over a longer time. Some people tend to rush to conclusions. It’s if declaring the operation unsuccessful before the process is completed and without giving any chance for hair growth. You can get the results within12 months or more. At a time you may grow impatient or question the outcome. Before the procedure, consult your doctor at hair transplant Oakville or medical advisor as to what transplant results to expect for the following months. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings.

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