Cure or Curse: How Dangerous Medication Side Effects Can Really Be

Modern medicine has been a savior for millions of people and it’s very likely that anyone reading this post has been saved or at least cured of an illness at one time or another. Even though medicines have done far greater good than bad, there is still the possibility of having a negative scenario after having taken a prescribed medication.

Along with the medication’s prescribed healing properties comes the possibility of a litany of possible side effects. The severity of these side effects varies and in some cases are not noticeable at all. In others, however, the effects can be serious and cause breathing issues, heart palpitations, dizziness, itching, and in worst cases, loss of consciousness or even death. While such horrific results are rare, it is important to keep some tips in mind whenever you have to take prescribed medications to ensure that they do the job as prescribed and you aren’t the victim of any dangerous side effects.

  • Confirm that medication is correct-First, make sure the medication in the bottle is the same medication your doctor prescribed. In rare cases, a pharmacist can fill a prescription incorrectly.
  • Familiarize yourself with listed side effects and consult with your doctor-Once you receive the meds, read through the warnings and possible side effects and go over these with your doctor as well. Learn which are common and what to do if you experience anything out of the ordinary that be harmful to your health.
  • Make sure a family member is contacted-Whenever you are prescribed medication or a prescription is changed, make sure to contact a family member so they know about the medication. This way, they can check on your periodically, and find out how your body is adapting to the new medication and if you are experiencing any side effects, they can help ensure you get the help you need as soon as possible.
  • Contact your doctor or 911 at the first sign-One of the main reasons people suffer dire consequences due to the side effects of medication are because they waited too late to do anything. Many feel that is a doctor prescribes it, it must be safe, so they fail to act when a side effect is causing them harm. If you are having trouble breathing, itching, getting dizzy, etc., contact 911 IMMEDIATELY and your doctor afterwards if you can.

Prescribed medications can be lifesavers, and they can also cause dangerous side effects. Use caution whenever taking medication of any kind and make sure to seek help at the first sign of any dangerous side effects.

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