Cannabis Strains To Manage Stay-Home Stress

If you find yourself regularly stressed-out and feeling overly anxious, you may find that you are not alone in these strange times. As more people are wrapped up in Covid-19 and the spread of the virus grows, it’s easy to experience the symptoms of anxiety. One of the ways that you can cope with this anxiety over the coming weeks is with the help of recreational cannabis. Understanding cannabis strains that you could be using to manage stay-home stress means consulting an expert. Here are some of the best strains that you should consider to manage stress and anxiety.

Sour Diesel: This is a city dominant strain that is designed to act extremely quickly. It seems to induce a bit of a dreamy or cerebral feeling and this can give you a welcome break from the tension and pains that can be associated with chronic stress.

White Widow: This hybrid can give you a bit more of a cheerful buzz. The idea of this strain is to make sure that if you’re feeling down or you’re starting to spiral, that you can enjoy more positive feelings of euphoria.

Royal Cookies: You get the best of both worlds with this hybrid mixture. This strain is perfect for adding extra energy to your day and it can create an extremely cheerful buzz that you can carry with you over the day.

Amnesia haze: Also a hybrid, this strain only has about 20% Sativa in it. This means that you can experience more of the euphoric experiences without any type of anxiousness or tiredness that can be associated with some of the other heavy Indica strains. It is a nice balance.

Consider any of these top cannabis strains if you are interested in managing stay-at-home stress.

This post was written by Flo Sugyatno, operations manager of LOCAL’d and cannabis expert. LOCAL’d is a helping hand to the companies that strengthen your community in the Washington, DC area. Helping them to grow through financial and promotional support, LOCAL’d is a Washington, DC weed delivery service.

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