Skin Care and the CBD Oil Usages

The skin is our largest organ. It represents 10% of our entire body, which is equivalent to an area of ​​two square meters on average. That is to say if it can be the cause of major concerns. Dermatological diseases are numerous and often difficult to diagnose.

Rash or rash

These are generalized lesions that appear quickly all over the body, with or without itching. We do not know a priori the origin. It can be a severe reaction to a drug (known as toxiderma) or a reaction to a viral infection such as measles or rubella or to a sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis. Use of the CBD Oils  come essential there.

Suspicious mole

The patient discovered a mole (nevus) that worried him and made him fear skin cancer. In this case, the ABCD rule can allow him to assess the dangerousness or not of the nevus by checking four points corresponding to these letters. A: the nevus is Asymmetrical. B: its border is irregular. C: its Color is not uniform. D: its diameter exceeds 5 millimeters. If three of these criteria are met, we speak of a dysplastic nevus. It can progress to melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer. The ABCD method is only valid for melanocytes, moles that produce melanin (brown or black color). If in doubt, contact a dermatologist fairly quickly.


Hives are manifested by raised redness, such as stinging nettles. They are multiple and itch a lot. Each lesion remains in the same place for a maximum of 24 hours, after which it moves. An easy way to tell if the lesions are caused by hives is to mark one of them with felt-tip pen and see if it affects at least one-third of the total surface of the skin should be considered an emergency. 28 planet health epidermis March 2016 is still in place after 24 hours. If so, it is not hives. Most of the time, the disease is not serious, unless it affects the mucous membranes, the lips or the tongue and is accompanied by breathing difficulties. In this case, it is a real vital emergency requiring a consultation with the nearest doctor. In only 5% of cases, hives are the manifestation of a true allergic reaction. It is often caused by intolerances alcohol, a preservative, strawberries, seafood, a drug. It can also be associated with infection, cancer … the list goes on. It is a very common disease, 20 to 25% of the population presents at least one episode of hives in their life, most often without seriousness and without its cause being established.

A few simple steps for healthy skin

“If you want to preserve your skin, it is better not to do too much!” Advises Doctor Hoang-Chinh Pham, dermatologist in Nyon. Or do not use too many products, but just enough to hydrate the skin if necessary. By avoiding overly oily creams which are comedogenic, overly aggressive soaps, products which have many scents, and… products supposed to be natural, often more allergenic than industrial products because they contain very active and little tested proteins. Natural is therefore not synonymous with harmless! It is also important to protect yourself from the sun due to cancer but also from early aging of the skin. Finally everyone must watch their skin a little, any stain that could degenerate (read “Suspect mole”) or wound that does not heal. Better to do a little check up with the dermatologist.

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