What Kind of Dentists Are There?

One thing that you may not realise at first is that there are actually several different types of dentists who can help you out. Just as there are different specialisations for traditional doctors, the doctors of the dental world have their own specialisations as well. These include dentists who handle the majority of the standard dental care cases, dentists who work with people focused on the cosmetic aspect of their teeth, and dentists who work with people to restore function to lost or severely damaged teeth. With these different types of dentists, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to get the dental care that you need to live a happy and comfortable life.

General Dentists

Chances are that most of the dentists at a dental hospital in Thailand are going to be general dentists. As the name might suggest, these types of dentists are the ones who handle the majority of dental cases that come in. These can range from a simple checkup procedure to make sure that everything is fine, to a root canal procedure. Some general dentists will handle cleaning the teeth, and others might work with you to make sure that they are all straight and aligned as they should be. General dentistry is going to be the broadest field of dentistry, as it covers a lot of the topics that most people come into the dentist to see.

Cosmetic Dentists

As the name suggests, cosmetic dentists are people who help others make sure that their teeth are as beautiful as they can be. Most of the procedures that cosmetic dentists handle will focus on the beauty of the teeth and that’s about it. The work can be as simple as getting your teeth whitened to as customised as getting a veneer picked out to cover up a chipped or cracked tooth. As long as your teeth are healthy and functional, a cosmetic dentist will work with you and your teeth to achieve the look that you have always wanted. Depending on the dental office, some cosmetic dentists will be the ones who handle the cleaning and straightening of teeth as well.

Restorative Dentists

As the name might imply, these dentists are the ones who focus on bringing back function to teeth that have been lost or severely damaged. If you need to get a dental implant, dental bridge, or dentures put into place, these are going to be the dentists that you visit. They will work with you on customising the replacement teeth, creating the teeth themselves, and helping you understand how to maintain your dentures, implants, or bridges. Before you know it, any function that you may have lost before will be restored when you choose to work with a team of restorative dentists. These are just a few of the dentists that you can work with when you choose to visit a reputable dental hospital.

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