Know the benefits of Geno Homeopathy

Geno Homeopathy is a revolutionary and path-breaking gene-targeted homeopathic therapy that is scientific, precise, safe and uniquely planned for individuals for the first time in India. Geno Homeopathy is transforming healing with non-invasive tests. This blog tells you more about this.


Many people prefer homoeopathy treatment. Bringing a new innovation in this field, Geno Homoeopathy, as the name suggests, is a hereditarily tailored homoeopathic care which gives a glimpse of your genes that have been inherited from your family. It is a concept that is different from homeopathy; it is a scientific addition to homeopathy.

It is a gene-targeted homoeopathy treatment that is scientifically precise, safe and uniquely planned just for you. The tests that the patients are asked to undergo tell what the patient is suffering from currently. Geno Homeopathy has the power to identify what ailments are you more prone to. Holistic treatment is suggested to the patients as per their genetic make-up.

Benefits of Geno Homeopathy

Geno Homeopathy is a new age customized treatment. It is inherently custom-made homeopathic care that involves designing a treatment based on individual genome sequencing. It combines persona and heredities for scientific and targeted treatment. It is a tailored treatment as no two people on this earth have the same genes. Genes of each and every person are as unique as fingerprint or iris. Unlike the conventional treatment which is one-size-fits-all, no two patients with even the same medical condition will be given the same medicines. Medicines will be given based on their genetic make-up and will be as unique as every individual so that the medicines work more effectively for every patient.

The advantage for the patients is that unnecessary tests are eliminated. Diabetes, PCOD, Zinc deficiencies, allergies are some of the ailments that can be identified with the help of the Geno Homeopathy. It can save people discomfort that comes with the usual invasive examination like a blood test. With the introduction of Geno Homeopathy, the tests are very simple, the saliva sample of a patient is collected, a solvent is added to it and the same is sent to the labs for further testing.

Since the tests are completely non- invasive as there are no needles and no pricks so the question of side effects does not arise. An added advantage of the tests is that the patients get advice on diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help the treatment outcome. The new concept uses genes in identifying how strong your genes are for a particular ailment. If you are aware of the ailments that you might suffer in future, you can prevent them now. For instance, if there is Diabetes in a patient’s genes but has no visible diabetes symptoms at present, the homeopath will advise the right diet and the exercises that can keep Diabetes at bay. The Geno Homeopathy also matches your weakness to the readily available homeopathic medicines which will give you the best suitable results.

Affordability is always a question in healthcare. The cost of these tests internationally is about INR 25,000 to INR 1lakh per test. There are laboratories in India and the costs of the tests have been reduced to INR 7,000 per test, which is fairly affordable.


Talking about the lack of awareness as one of the biggest challenge facing Geno Homeopathy, genetics is well-known internationally, but it is still not that well-appreciated in India. Genetic testing has made an impact globally and the best example for that would be Angelina Jolie who found out through the same test that the cancer gene was very strong in her genes. As a result of this learning, she underwent the required treatment and saved herself from such a dreadful disease. She has also been a proponent of Genetics and Genome and also went about spreading awareness on the same. Implementation is another challenge that comes in the way.

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