How To Come Back Quickly From a Sports Injury

In sports, injuries are common, and it’s an occupational hazard athletes have to live with every day. To some athletes, the repercussions can be devastating and long-lasting.

The most important thing is to know how to come back quickly from a sports injury to prevent further damage or chronic pain down the road. According to a Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore, here is how you can quickly recover from a sports injury.

The Best Ways To Recover Quickly from Sports Injury

Here is a list of how to recover quickly from a sports injury;

Be Calm and Don’t Overdo

The vital thing you should know when coming back from a sports injury is to keep calm and try not to overdo anything.

Injuries often worse because of the activities you engage in afterward, so ensure that the recovery process doesn’t get any longer than necessary by engaging in too much activity right away.

Start with light walking or light stretches and slowly increase your activity levels from there. If you’re not sure what’s too much, seek professional Physiotherapy in Singapore to help you heal faster.

Icing the Injured Part

Elevation of the injured area above the heart normally reduces swelling. Ice or heat is needed depending on the injury type. Never apply ice for more than 20 minutes without giving it a break first (always wrap the ice in a towel).

Apply compression bandages. They will help with any joint injuries that are limiting movement.

Try Not To Put Weight on the Injury

Try to move the injured area as little as possible and use crutches if necessary.

But in most cases, even a cane should be enough for support and relieving pressure on your injury. You can also use pillows under your arms or hips to take some weight off.

Use Pain Medications as Prescribed by Your Doctor

Always consult your doctor before you take anything not prescribed. But there are always pain medications available if you need them urgently.

If your pain reliever is a pill, you can try crushing it up and mixing it with food or water. If you have a problem with swallowing, this will make the medicine go down easily.

Pills are not always easy to swallow, though. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help from another person at home or call 911 on an emergency phone number when needed.

Get Plenty of Sleep and Stay Hydrated

You’ll want to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated while you’re trying to recover from an injury. The more time you allow for healing, the better.

If needed, work with a therapist on stretching and strengthening. Remember that it’s important not to add any unnecessary pressure or weight on the injured area by staying off your feet to help you get back in the game.

Gentle Stretching Exercises

It’s a good idea to ease into gentle stretching exercises as your body gets used to the movements.

Start by simply standing up, walking around for 30 minutes every day or so, depending on how much you can handle. Any kind of movement is better than no movement. Once it feels comfortable, try low-impact exercises like light running, walking, or cycling. You can even try some professional sports massage or injury-safe deep-tissue massage.

Final words

After getting a little stronger, work on some exercises that focus on your injured area, build up muscle, and assist your injury to heal quicker.

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