How Pet Owners Can Help with Their Dog’s Anxiety

Not many dog owners know that their pets can also experience anxiety. It does not matter what the dog’s age or breed is. If left untreated, the condition can get worse, and your dog may start exhibiting behavioral issues.

In most cases, anxiety in dogs can be caused by aging, fear, and separation. Anxious dogs often exhibit drooling, urinating, or defecating indoors even if trained, pacing, excessive barking, and restlessness. Other symptoms include aggression, depression, and compulsive and destructive behaviors. What can pet owners do to help if your dog’s anxiety gets worse?

Consult a vet

Your local vet can help you diagnose your dog and check if your pet has anxiety. They can help you determine the primary cause of stress, and by knowing its root, they can formulate a treatment plan. That can include a combination of medications, preventive strategies, training, and counterconditioning.

Consider CBD Oil

These days, many pet owners claim that CBD oil helped in controlling their dog’s anxiety. That is especially true for dogs whose stress triggers are fear from traveling, loud noises, and separation. If your dog has an obsessive behavior, feels anxious whenever you leave them, and shows signs of aggression, you can visit your local CBD oil shop to grab a bottle for your pooch.

Massage and brush your dog

Not only are massages relaxing, but they can also help melt a dog’s stress away. So why not give your dog a gentle massage and brush them while you’re at it? This activity is perfect for anxious dogs whose anxiety is triggered by fear. Pay attention to their skin and nails while you’re at it as some dogs tend to scratch themselves excessively when anxious.

Play soft rock and reggae music

Did you know that one good way to help your dog deal with their anxiety is by playing the right music? According to a study, reggae and soft rock have soothing effects not just for humans but for man’s best friend as well. It is an excellent way to keep your anxious dog at bay, especially while you travel.

Find your dog a companion

Some dogs have separation anxiety. If that is the case for your dog, you can consider adopting another one to keep them company. But before you do, it is always a good idea to test the waters first. You can take them to a shelter or a dog park and see if you see an improvement after. Otherwise, their anxiety is due to them being apart from humans, and what you can do is to ensure your dog has a human companion at all times.

Have more time to bond with your pet

Dogs crave your time and attention. If you don’t spend as much time with them, they can end up with an anxious mind. Their pent-up energy can be another cause of their destructive behavior. What you can do is to make sure you get to spend more quality time with your dog. While you’re on it, let them burn their excess energy while you talk and provide physical contact with your pooch.

There are other things you can do to help ease your pet’s anxiety. Knowing the main reason that they get anxious in the first place is always the best way to start. This way, you can address their symptoms accordingly. Don’t hesitate to ask for your vet’s help to do so. You can also use this list as your guide in helping better calm your pet’s nerves.

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