Cannabis Concentrates 101: An Overview Of Butane Extraction!

The popularity of cannabis concentrates has increased manifold in recent years. Shatter, wax, THC diamonds are some of the famed concentrates, which promise to offer an experience that’s nowhere comparable to smoking the bud. Most of these concentrates are made through butane extraction, also called butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. How does BHO extraction work? In this post, we are sharing all you need to know.

The making of concentrates using BHO

Depending on the kind of concentrate being made, BHO and heat may be used to separate THC and terpenes from buds. Since the terpene profile is critical for certain concentrate products like live resin, temperature used is much lower, so as to retain the flavors and aroma. Basically, BHO when pressured helps in releasing the various cannabinoids, particularly CBD and THC, which helps in creating desired concentrates. Once the required cannabinoids are released/collected, further processing is done to remove butane. What you are left with are pure concentrates. There are only selected concentrate producers that create the best products in this category, and this is also the reason why certain concentrates are just more expensive than others.

How long does it take to produce concentrates?

Well, it depends on the process and how BHO is used, but the best manufacturers will work with dispensaries to offer a turnaround time of around 14 days. Producers work extensively hard to increase the production by streamlining the steps involved, so concentrates can be found on sale most of the time. If you are selling cannabis product and own a dispensary, one of the foremost tasks is to select a reliable and known concentrate producer and partner with them to get the best concentrates. Buyers are willing to pay for better products, so there is nothing wrong in charging more for concentrates that have been produced using the best possible standards of butane extraction.

Final word

While the process of butane extraction may seem easy on paper, it requires time and effort. Many producers actually rely on certain steps to make the most of the process, which is why their cannabis concentrates are way better than what you find on an average in most stores. Quality is everything when it comes to concentrates, and we recommend that you check all relevant details before placing an order. The product should have clear labeling for the kind of concentrate it is and levels of THC.

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