What Types of Wounds Require a Visit Ta to the Clinic?


Any damage that affects the skin is referred to as a wound. This is a condition that no one can imagine having. Some types of wounds will require the patient to seek help from a clinic. Wound care clinics near Dallas are known to deal with different types of wounds.

Wounds come in different types as some are not that serious while others are serious to the extent of seeing a clinic. Wounds can be broadly classified into open and closed wounds. Well, now let’s deal with the wounds that require the clinic’s attention.

Open Wounds

In open wounds, the skin is affected and broken. There is an exposure of the skin’s underlying tissues to the environment. Most of the open wounds are not serious hence can be treated without a clinic’s intervention. However, there are those open wounds that require a clinic’s attention.


Accidents that involve knives, machinery, and tools are the major causes of laceration. A laceration is normally a deep cut and sometimes a tearing of the skin. A laceration can cause extensive bleeding which can eventually lead to complications. Therefore there is the need to seek a doctor in the case of laceration.


Violent accidents are the main causes of avulsion wounds. This can be an explosion, gunshot, or body-crushing accidents. These accidents cause complete or partial tearing of the skin which can be very critical. This is because they affect the tissues beneath the skin. This causes a lot of bleeding that can only be attended at the clinic.


Sometimes a puncture can be very serious to the extent of visiting the clinic. Puncture is a relatively small hole that is caused by a long and pointy object. This object can be a needle or a nail.

A puncture can also be caused by a bullet. Punctures are not known for bleeding much. However, the damage can go deep and affect the inner organs. In such a situation, the best option is seeking medical assistance from a clinic.


A cut by a razor blade, knife, metal with a rough edge, broken glass, or any other shape object causes incision. This is a very dangerous wound. Sometimes it can even disfigure someone’s body parts like the nose. Rapid and heavy bleeding is associated with this type of wound. Sometimes the cut is very deep affecting tendons, muscles, and nerves. This wound will need medical attention.

Closed Wounds

The skin is not affected in a closed wound. The underneath tissue is not exposed to the external world. Most closed wounds occur when a person falls affecting the inner organs of the body.


This occurs when there is damage to capillaries and blood vessels, especially the small. This causes the blood to collect and pool in an inadequate space. Hematomas normally have a painful, rubber lump-like lesion. They can be large or small depending on the accident.

Crush Injuries

External high-pressure potency that squeezes body parts between two surfaces is known to cause crush injuries. Crush injuries can be destructive to the affected body part. This will need medical attention.

Any kind of closed wound is dangerous and requires medical attention. This wound normally is not visible which makes it very critical and should be attended to very quickly. Closed wounds can affect some vital body organs such as the liver, brain, and kidney which can even cause death.


In case of a serious wound seek medical assistance. Wound care clinics near Dallas are known for this kind of help but any reputable clinic dealing with wounds can serve you. Always never ignore the wound, seek any aid from a professional.