Some Of The Various Types Of Vaping Devices That Are Available

If you are considering taking up vaping to help you quit smoking, there are plenty of choices of vaping devices from which you can choose. It can be hard to know where to start, and some people want a simple device to use with little or no maintenance, while others are looking for something they can customise. If you are not sure where to start when choosing a vape device, below is a summary of some of the various devices available to help you decide which is best for you.

A Disposable Device

One of the simplest devices you can get is a disposable vape pen from Vapoholic, and all you need to do is purchase one and start using it straight away. There is no charging required, and you do not need to worry about topping up the e-liquid, as everything is included in this disposable device. If you are new to the world of vaping and still finding your feet, this may be the perfect way to initiate yourself to vaping before you decide what type of device you want to use. With disposable vape devices increasing in popularity, there are plenty of choices are available, and they also come in various flavours.

Vape Pens

Vape pens get their name from looking like a pen, and they can often be kept easily in a shirt pocket or something similar. The device has a battery which you will need to charge, and there is a chamber to add your favourite vape juice. They also have an atomiser, where you put the vape juice, and these will need occasionally replacing, depending on how often you use the device. These types of devices are known as mouth to lung, as you draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.

Box Kits

Box kits are also commonly known as box mods, and the reason they are called this is because they look like a small box. The device is split into the battery and the tank, and you will also need coils to evaporate the e-liquid and turn it into vapour. These kits are highly customisable, and you can personalise your vaping experience, but they do require some skills to set up and use. You will also need to make coils for the deice yourself, so you will need a few tools to do this. This type of device is a direct-to-lung device, which means you inhale the vapour directly to the lungs rather than holding it in the mouth first.

Cigalike E-Cigarettes

Cigalike e-cigarettes are called this because they look like a cigarette, and you puff on them the same way you do when smoking. There are the first types of cessation aids that were available, and many people still prefer these. They have disposable cartridges you can buy full of vape juice, and you will need to recharge the battery, but they are simple to use and ideal for beginners.

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