Never Use Insecticides As Repellents Or Preventive For Lice

These are ways to take Treatment for hair without insecticides according to Lice Doctors Kansas City, MO

Hairstyling With Lendrera: it is slow and of low efficiency, but sometimes it is useful; we will pass the brush with the hair impregnated with cream, this immobilizes the louse, and they fall, but it is almost always used as a complement to the treatments described above.

Electric Shock Heads: when they touch the louse, a discharge is produced that kills the louse and the nit. But there is still a lack of studies to support its effectiveness.

Oclusive Agents: they are oils and silicones that cover the louse, prevent it from breathing, and immobilize it. They are applied on dry hair and left for about 8 hours, repeat after 8 days it is used in cases where permethrin is not adequate. They are more and more complete (a mixture of several silicones makes them more effective.

Hot Air: lice die at temperatures above 50-60ºC, but no studies support the use of dryers that reach this temperature.

Vinegar: the use of vinegar is known; its action is mechanical; what it does is break the glue of the nits, but it does not kill them.

Prevent Spreading

The concise hair makes it more difficult for the lice to adhere. Children with long hair should wear their hair tied up to avoid contact between the hair. Children should be prevented from putting their heads together to play or study. Do not share objects of the head or utensils such as hairbrushes, combs, etc.

The child will be checked twice a week in times of epidemic, and in case of infestation, the school will be notified immediately. It is recommended that the child do not attend school while being treated.

Preventive Treatment:

A couple of years ago, a preventive treatment for lice came on the market; it is an alcoholic solution with repellent properties. It is not a panacea, but it does help reduce the risk of reinfestation in risky situations.

How to use: Apply to dry and combed hair, distribute evenly until wholly moistened, let it dry naturally. The operation can be repeated after 3-4 days. Do not use a third time in the same week.

Other natural repellants from Lice Doctors Kansas City, MO such as tea tree oil also allow the shedding of the nit very well.

Always pass the dressing the next day and after 3 or 4 days with the hair impregnated with softening cream until in three straight hairstyles no lice appear.

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