Everything You Need To Know About Ketamine.

Ketamine is a medicine that is used to commence and sustain anaesthesia. It is used to produce dissociative anaesthesia (a kind of anaesthesia used for relieving pain). Ketamine is also known as CM-52372, CI-581 and CL-368.

Uses and benefits of Ketamine:-

  1. Ketamine is used to commence and sustain anaesthesia. This is done before, during and after the surgery.
  2. It is non-harmful as an anaesthetic as it does not lower the blood pressure or breathing rate.
  3. It replaces the conventional narcotic painkillers.
  4. It is used as a veterinary medication.
  5. It is simple and uncomplicated to use. It can be used by anyone. It does not require electricity, oxygen supply or intensely trained professionals.
  6. It can be easily used in developing and undeveloped countries.
  7. Ketamine is useful in disaster zones.
  8. For medical purposes, it used in cardiac arteriography, skin surgeries, orthopaedic purposes, dental procedures and diagnostic procedures for ENT.
  9. Ketamine is used by hospitals and clinics for controlling seizures along with SE (a kind of Epilepsy that causes brain dysfunction and death).
  10. It is considered the best medication for the above-mentioned purpose.
  11. It is used as a strong pain reliever.
  12. It diminishes the effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  13. It reduces depression migraines.
  14. It helps in reducing symptoms of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  15. Ketamine works rapidly. This is a boon for depression. Normal anti-depressants take a lot of time to work. However, Ketamine takes merely some hours to get into action.
  16. It can be taken through the nose, mouth and blood (injections).

History of Ketamine.

Around the 1950s, medical professionals like Park Davis created Phencyclidine or PCP as an anaesthetic drug that could relieve the pain of the patients during and after surgery.

Even though PCP was a powerful anaesthetic, it created some issues like sore muscles and other problems when it was tested on animals. In the human testing too, the same symptoms were seen. The side effects of PCP lead to its downfall.

Around the 1960s, Ketamine was created by blending a ketone and an amine. Around 1964, the Ketamine was tested on subject inmates. The effects were noted down. The effect was a feeling of dissociation. The subjects felt like they were wafting in the cosmic space with numbness in bones and limbs. Thus, ketamine was named as a dissociative anaesthetic drug/medication.

Around the 1970s, Ketamine was legalized as an anaesthetic medication for Vietnamese officers. It was considered as a class III medication of the US-controlled substance act.

In the modern-day, Ketamine is constructively used as an anaesthetic drug for relieving pain during surgery. Along with that, it is used to reduce the signs of mental disorders like Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar disorder. Ketamine is actively used for veterinary purposes as well.

Bottom line.

Ketamine is an essential anaesthetic medication. If it used safely in limited amounts, it would be a huge advantage in the medical field for various purposes.

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