An Overview Of Drug Detoxification

The primary intervention in various cases of addiction or the physical dependence or substances like drugs, along with the experience and the process associated with the withdrawal symptom of any drug overdose, is collectively known as drug detoxification. This program of detoxification usually doesn’t associate generally go along with the problems related to pre-addiction, any psychological addiction or social factors, and even the numerous complicated behavioural issues tagged with the essence of addiction. Contact us at Lighthouse treatment Centre for proper help.


Usually, there are three stages or steps associated with the overall aspect of drug addiction-

  • Evaluation: At the beginning process of drug detoxification, the first and foremost things tested for seeing what are the substance that was circulating in bloodstreams of the patient and in what amount. The several other things for which the patients are checked are dual-diagnosis, any behavioural or mental issues, and also any co-occurring disorders.
  • Stabilization: In this current stage, the detoxification takes its main course. The patient is first guided through the process. This process can either be done with medication or without any medication, but usually, the medication is more common. Another essential part of the whole process is explaining to the patients what is necessary. Also, what to expect from the treatment and even the recovery process. If timing is right, the people close to the patient are asked to come in to show support and appropriation for them.
  • Guidance For The Patient: The ultimate step of the whole process is reading the patients or the people for the entire recovery process, which is associated with it. Mainly the dependency on the drugs usually deals with stuff like addiction and physical dependence and doesn’t associate with any other aspects like the psychological aspects. The particular stage helps in associating with enrolling inside a drug rehabilitation program. Our dedicated team at Lighthouse Treatment center makes sure that proper guidance is given.

Methods Of Drug Detoxification

Based on the drugs, various people have various opinions about the practices associated with Drug Detoxification. Not just any single method is right for this purpose. Moreover, factors like the choice of drugs, the amount of dose taken, and the quantity of time the person has been taking that dose all counts towards the central aspect of determination of the method of drug detoxification, which will be used. The different types of methods of detoxification are:

  • Cold turkey detox
  • Short term medicated detox
  • long term medicated detox

First and foremost, the cold turkey method signifies the prevention of the use of any drugs and substances and just the support of medical aid and assistance for helping in case of emergency. There is no assistance from the pharmacological aspect, and the patients usually take the full experience of all the withdrawal symptoms until they last. For many drugs, these symptoms can be somewhat intense and can continue for as long as a week or maybe even longer.

Those patients opting for the detoxification process has to avoid taking all the substances, even alcohol. Although when they start facing the withdrawal symptoms, any short-term medication kind of plan may help in this process right here. This may also require them to take medications for some periods to avoid significant discomfort. Long term medications can be used for addiction regarding alcohol due to cross-tolerance of benzodiazepines.


Moreover, drug detoxification is a significant event in the whole process of abstinence for it, and there are many depths to it. We here at Lighthouse Treatment Center make sure that all the necessary steps and actions are taken to help the patients through it.

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