Taking Care Of Yourself During Pregnancy

For 9 months, your body will round out. You will be invaded by hormones playing on your emotions and feelings: what upheavals! Taking care of your body and your morale is important in this change. So how do you take care of yourself and do yourself good for 9 months? Here Unity Screen will explain to you:

Pregnant, Pay Attention To Your Diet

Health comes with eating! So, take the time to concoct good, balanced dishes with seasonal vegetables when you can. Don’t forget the fruits either, to be enjoyed fresh or in a smoothie in a more gourmet version. Full of vitamins and minerals, these foods are your friends to stay in shape!

Pay Attention To Your Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fatigue can be difficult to live with during pregnancy, whether at the beginning, due to hormones, or at the end, because you feel heavy and your nights are restless. Resting is essential to keep your spirits up and help reduce first-trimester nausea. Naps, late mornings, sleep as soon as you can!

Take Care Of Your Growing Body

Don’t recognize yourself in the mirror? It’s normal; your body evolves: it now houses a small life that grows daily. Hormones flood your body and cause changes: your skin can become dry, tight, and itchy. Hydrate it morning and evening! Take special care of strategic areas, such as the belly, breasts, or thighs, which can see stretch marks appear. Also, think about immersing yourself in relaxing baths, doing scrubs, or making an appointment for a massage. Taking care of your body is also a way to stay connected to yourself.

Adopt Gentle Care Adapted To Pregnancy

Whether it’s for your hair, skin, or face, change your beauty routine: under the effect of hormones, your body can react to unsuitable care. Take very gentle products that will not pose any danger to your baby. Ditto for makeup: take formulas containing the least toxic ingredients and Only UNITY screens your baby’s risk for bad conditions without needing a paternal sample.

Buy Yourself Mom-To-Be Clothes

There are probably normal clothes that you will be able to wear throughout your pregnancy and others less so. Without redoing your entire wardrobe, treat yourself by buying some comfortable maternity clothes in which you think you look pretty! The good idea: buy maternity clothes compatible with breastfeeding if you want to breastfeed your baby when he is born.

Listen To Your Body

Pregnancy is the perfect time to learn to listen to what your body is telling you. By feeling the baby move, by listening to your pain or signs that should push you to consult, it is also, and above all, you are listening to yourself. A real journey to meet yourself!

Keep Physical Activity Compatible With Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, maintain a moderate sporting activity that does you good: swimming pool, yoga, active walking, and sport keeps you in shape but also in good spirits. It helps produce serotonin, a natural antidepressant. So why deprive yourself of it if it is not against you?

Even Pregnant, Keep A Social Life!

Friends are important in life! Even if your close friends aren’t babying, keep nurturing those ties that make you feel good. In addition, this will be an opportunity to talk about something other than pregnancy that can’t hurt you.

Do not forget yourself during these 9 months: you carry life and make sure to pamper it, of course, but your well-being must remain one of your priorities! A future mother is comfortable in her skin and her head; it will make a baby comfortable in her diaper

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