Common Types of Vaporizers

Living in a tech-advanced era and with the modification of the legal climate surrounding the marijuana industry, an increasingly growing number of individuals and entities are pursuing healthier viable alternatives to smoking. This has given rise to several kinds of new-fangled contraptions that achieve the same effects as traditional methods of smoking.

What is a vaporizer?

Vaporizers are inhalation devices that come in assorted varieties, all looking to accomplish a common objective; to transform that dry herb, wax, and THC oil into tasty clouds of vapor. The devices use heat to disintegrate cannabis for inhalation. Vaping devices heat the dry cannabis flower or oil concentrate to a temperature right below combustion. The active compounds from the cannabis alchemize into afine mist that gets you sailing. To pick your best fit, ask around for referrals, and visit online sites like for the best vaporizer reviews.

Common types of vaporizers

A wide array of vaporizer accessories are readily available. Below is a brief primer on vaporizer types. Each vaping mechanism appeals to different lifestyles and budgets.

  • Desktop vaporizers

This class of vaporizers is designed to be used in one location. They tend to be bulky with a plug that connects to an external power source.

There are bag, whip, and hybrid styles. The bag category fills a bag with vapor, which you use at your convenience. Whip style vaporizers use silicone tubing. When you inhale, air rushes over the heating element, creating condensation. The hybrid table-top vapes combine the best of the prior styles.

They boast the highest vapor production due to precise temperature control, which allows you to get the most of the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes, all with numerous unique effects and medical benefits.

Moreover, they can be left running through long periods. Thus, they are ideal for medical patients, flavor enthusiasts, and homebodies due to their reasonably large size and dependence on an external electrical outlet.

  • Portables

Portable vaporizers are compatible with flower, bud, and concentrates. They are designed for both loose-leaf and essential oils. They are discreet and ready-to-go. Most rely on batteries for power supply. So, if you’re thinking of splurging on a portable vaping device, make sure you consider your usage patterns and battery life. Some recent models can be used while charging, effectively transforming into a desktop vaporizer.

Portable flower and oil values are the best for an on-the-go herb or concentrate enthusiast with a somewhat limited budget.

When it comes to choosing one, consider the form in which you will be consuming cannabis. Use various resources and look through multiple portable vaporizer reviews from users, then pick one designed to accommodate your product.

  • Vape pens

They come in the design of e-cigarettes or the traditional pen. Vape pens effectively vaporize concentrates. Most models are ergonomically designed to offer the consumer more portability than the conventional portables.

Take Away

Vaping is very subtle unless you wish to make a spectacle of it. Although you lose the vitally transformative process of coughing over a joint, the effect is somewhat more pleasant than conventional smoking. Studies have proved that vaping does produce fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking because cannabis is not combusted. Visit an online store and purchase one that suits your needs, if vaping appeals to you.

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