5 Ways to Take Care of Your Bikini Area

The skin around the genital area is protected by pubic hair. This reduces friction during sex and prevents bacterial infections. In fact, it also keeps the vagina warm for arousal. However, the presence of pubic hair is quite controversial in the beauty world. A glimpse of hair in the bikini line could be extremely embarrassing. Plus, the patch also comes with certain health challenges. So, it is important to maintain proper hygiene down there.

Whether you like to keep the hair well-trimmed or completely shaved, it really depends on your comfort level. However, there are certain golden rules to follow when dealing with the most delicate area of your body. Take a look at how to keep your lady parts well-groomed all through the year.

1.    Seamless Electric Trimmers

You can buy bikini trimmers online that are touch-sensitive and promise smooth and hairless skin. They should be able to glide and reach tricky parts for a rewarding and satisfactory experience. Having a handy electric trimmer can help you avoid expensive and time-consuming salon visits. Plus, you can go for a quick trim anytime, whenever the need arises. Look for ones that come with a cleaning brush, bikini head, beauty pouch and beauty cap.

2.    Avoid Picking In-Grown Hair

Although quite tempting, avoid picking them, otherwise it could lead to inflammation. In fact, the most severe cases include puss-filled blisters, which make it difficult to sit or stand comfortably. Buy a bikini trimmer online and use it even if it is just a single strand. Don’t forget to moisturize the area later to keep the skin soft and supple.

3.    Use Fragrance Free Product

It is important to wash the bikini area daily. Use warm water to keep it clean during a shower. Make sure to avoid artificially scented soaps and gels, which could disturb the pH balance. In fact, if you are using lotions and oils around the area, they should be free of chemicals and harsh ingredients. This will prevent burns, rashes and irritation in the pubic area.

4.    Don’t Shave on Dry Skin

If the skin is flaky, consider exfoliating or lathering with cream. This can restore the hydration and act like an extra layer of protection. Pick electric trimmers online that can glide easily and shape the pubic hair. You can use a mirror if you are unable to bend and see the bikini line. This can lower the chances of cuts and bleeds down there. Make sure to wash and pat dry for great results.

5.    Pay Attention to Your Clothes

There should be adequate air flow in the bikini area. Wearing extremely well-fitted pants and underwear can result in sweating around the genitals. This can further lead to fungal infections in the long run. Avoid satin, which can trap moisture and heat, and compromise with your comfort level. Always look for breathable fabrics like cotton to keep your bikini area fresh and clean.

Avoid using eyebrow trimmers or any other product that is not meant for your bikini line around the pubic area. Keep checking the area for bumps to treat them on time. Lastly, before you use products like vaginal washes, read the instructions carefully for your safety.

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